Christmas Spirit

So there’s 10 days till Christmas. Do you have the Christmas spirit? Are you looking forward to that one day where we all congregate around the table…or tree and open presents and enjoy a somewhat delicious meal? 

I’m not. I have no Christmas spirit….at all. In fact, I’d rather not even bother with it at all. Don’t ask my why I have no “Christmas spirit”, I just don’t have any. I just can’t be bothered with it all. The stress of all the shopping. For some reason, people tend to go crazy and then complain about being broke and stressed out. 

Well yeah. Its chaos everywhere you go. 

And what’s the reason one has to put up with Christmas? Because of the kids…..Erm…Ok…Sure..that seems logical and plausible. Lets buy kids MORE toys and then throughout the year complain that there’s toys everywhere and stuff.

Well I’m gonna stop now, before I end up sounding more old and grumpy than I feel. Guess I’m just not a celebratory person.


Whatever you do decide to do during the festive season, I hope you have a (good) memorable one.

Till next time

Stay safe all 🙂 


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