Last post of 2013!

I haven’t blogged in a while so I thought I’d say something. I’ve already said something about this topic, but this has more than the other post. Anyways here it is. 

Why do people in long distance relationships get so much grief from people? There’s people out there that get to meet and see for the very first time the person they’re goin to MARRY and you want to give people in a LDR a hard time because they haven’t met yet?

Give me a break!

Isn’t dating all about getting to know the person and finding out what they’re like and stuff? Ok sure, some people don’t have a say or choice in who they get married to, its a cultural, religious thing and sometimes done out of fear. I won’t get into it (because I don’t know much about arranged marriages)

But anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, let people be happy. Let them get on with their thing and let the be. It doesn’t matter how or why they got together. If two people are together and make each other happy, where is the problem?

And yes, I’m not saying all LDR & arranged marriages work, but you have to let them try and figure things out for themselves. It’s all about chance.

Let people be happy in their relationship. It’s not for you to decide how or with who. You can’t force happiness, it comes naturally. Just like love..


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