What is sexy?

Hi all. 

So…What is sexy?

What is sexy? Love’s in the eye of the beholder
Sex me, Baby we can get closer, freaky
Up in the crib, Come on over, sex me
Your so sexy, What is sexy?

The above is a song by Ruben Studdard called “What is sexy”. If you don’t know who he is, he won season 2 of American Idol. Anyways, I just put the lyrics up because I just like the song and I’ve been listening to it for days and it got me thinking, what exactly IS sexy?

Sexy can mean a number of things to many people. To me, it’s a number of things. Like the way a guy walks, the way he smiles, his accent (I’m a biiiiig sucker for accents, LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!) or even the way a guy dances (really good of course). I recently came across a video with a group of people dancing, and I swear the way he moved..I was like WHOA.! He’s amazing, I must hunt him down and do unthinkable things to him. Partly because he does look super-hot (in my eyes) And if you’re wondering if I ever attempted this, I did. I looked him up (thanks internet!) and found out a little bit more about him. For research purposes of course. But no..I’m not some crazy psycho stalker fan girl. Nothing like that. I was kidding about hunting him down before. Lol. If anyone knows me, they’ll know not to take me too seriously at times.

I’ve said before that I don’t believe in love at first sight, (or don’t really understand how it all works) but I’ve found out that was a lie.. It turns out that I do, I just didn’t realise it. Now in saying all this, I realise it makes me sound very shallow..but I don’t care. Lol Even the way a guy sings can be very sexy to m in a way, especially if he’s good looking. But isn’t it sad when you see a very attractive guy and they open their mouth to talk and you’re just filled with a little disappointment that the appearance doesn’t match the face? (wow that sounded bad, I’m such a mean horrible person)

Another sexy quality I find attractive in a man is his ability to cook and do it well.. Since I’m such a pathetic excuse for a cook and nothing ever seems to turn out right whenever I’m in the kitchen, it would be handy for me (and everyone and thing around me) to have someone like that in my life.

I think all those qualities would be like the perfect man. But would I be happy? Like truly happy? I’ve asked this question before and I can’t remember what some people said. Honestly speaking, a man who dances, cooks and has a sexy accent would all be lovely and stuff, but I think, I’d get bored somehow in some way. I’d want more. Yes nice guys are great, but there’s gotta be more to all that right? I guess I enjoy all the other things a person can bring to the table (or relationship) I mean I’m in no way anywhere near perfect, I have a lot of flaw, but at the same time, I have alot of good qualities to myself. Or so l like to think.

But it doesn’t really matter. What I find attractive in or about someone, could totally turn someone off. Once you meet someone you’ll either love them for who they are or learn to put up with their habits until you’re fed up and move onto greener pastures. I’ve always said, God help the guy that decides he wants to date (or marry) me, because he will have to deal with a lot. I don’t mean to be the way I am, it’s just how I am. But hey, there may be hope for the potential 😉

But let me just say something real quick. Even though I’ve said the things I find sexy in a man, were I to meet a guy who was missing one of the mentioned things, it wouldn’t turn me off him. I’m not like that. I’m more about building a bond and a connection and forming a relationship based on them as a whole, not only just on appearance and what they can do. If we click and connect and get on well and all that jazz, then it’s all gravy baby 🙂 

Anywhoo, I think I’m done babbling for now. Just wanted to get something down, since I’ve been meaning to post but I’ve been lazy.

Hope this post met you in good spirits and in good health.

Till next time.

Have a great weekend and stay safe!


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