Story Time!

Ok so since I haven’t posted in like..a month or something. Been a really long time ( I know I knooowww) and so I thought I’d post something. There’s still something else I’ve been meaning to post and I will hopefully at some stage. But in the meantime..enjoy my little story that I had written in the early hours of the morning (around 5 am or something). It happens when one can’t sleep. Unless it’s only me? Anywhoo.. Enjoy 🙂


Jenna was unhappy and a little sad. This was their last night together. Her and Alex had had the most perfect week together and she couldn’t have asked for more. She started to tear up and Alex could hear her beginning to cry a little. He didn’t ask what was wrong, he knew and he was just as equally upset but ever so grateful & thankful that they did get to spend an amazing time together. He just held her closely in his arms and whispered “I love you Jen. Even though we’ll be apart, we’ll be forever close in each other’s hearts”.

Jenna smiled.

Alex always did have a way with words. It’s one of the many reasons she fell for him. She whispered back “I love you too” and fell back asleep in the safety & comfort of his strong arms.

Waking up was difficult as today was the day they both wished had never came. Jenna was all ready and packed to go. “Ready?” Alex asked. She took one last look around the place.”Yeah” Jenna replied with a slight sigh in her voice. He walked up to her, held her hands, brought them to his face, kissed them gently and gave her a great big hug.

They made it to the train station with an hour to wait. They sat on the bench and held each other tight till they heard her train being announced.

“I guess it’s time” she said, tears welling in her brown eyes.

As she stood up and grabbed her bags, Alex stood up, looked into her eyes, hugged her again and said “I don’t want you to leave. Stay”. This broke her heart all over again to hear this. How she wished she could stay. But she knew she couldn’t this time.

The train pulled up and they both had to painfully tear away from each other’s loving embrace.

Jenna kissed him one last time and Alex wiped away her falling tears.

She turned to leave and didn’t look back till she heard Alex shout her name.

She didn’t want to turn back, but she did. And as she did, she dropped her bag, gasped and began to tear up again.

There was Alex, on bended knee, with a ring in his hand….


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