My Blog Got Nominated For An Award!


Hey hey all! 

Ok so something awesome happened a while back, and I know I’m late in responding/posting about this (had loads to do and stuff on my mind bla bla bla) but anyways…Here is what happened.

I totally got nominated for an award! Well my blog did. 

“Wait what? Your blog nominate for an award?”

“Yes. It did!”

“No way. That’s awesome!”

“So awesome!”

“What award?”

“The “One Lovely Blog” award.”

“Really? Wow”

“I know right!”

Yes. The above is a conversation I had with myself. Do not judge, I do this all the time. No I’m not crazy (I’ve not been tested) Just take my word for it.

So yeah. My blog, which I started less than a year ago I think, with no real intention of being anything big, got a lil nomination. I say lil but it’s quite huge for me. To know that not only do people go past the introduction page, but they go on to read the other stuff I put up and are genuinely interested and like what I put up. Really means a lot. All the comments and likes and various interactions here and there and different topics.  

I know I’m meant to pass on the nomination to a few other bloggers but honestly, right now, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But what I will do I give my many thanks and love to Thanks again so much for the nomination. Go and check out their blog! Right now. Go Go Go do it!!!

Best I end this short post and hopefully I’ll have something to put up sometime soon. I do have a few topic ideas that have been brewing in my mind. It’s just a matter of actually typing them out. I think I need one of those voice-to-type things. Where you just speak into the mic and it types what you say. But with my accent, don’t think it would work very well, lol.

Anywhoo. Also wanna give a quick shout out to all passers-by. Whether you be a casual browser or a follower. Much love and appreciation to you all!

Till next time

Stay safe and have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night.

Ciao 🙂


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