30 Days of Random Useless Facts About Myself – Day 1

Ok so here’s a really simple one that always gets me. Whenever I bring this up, people laugh at me like I’m (really) crazy.

I always, always always, almost 90% of the time spell this word wrong. I am still so convinced I’m spelling it right. That word is “sense” but I tend to spell it as “sence”.

Like a sense for things and a 6th sence. A feeling of sorts, but relating to different matters. I know that makes zero sense, but it does to me. Sorta.

I don’t know why, but to me, sense just seems wrong. To me, it’s like  it has a different spelling depending on how it’s used in context (but the little squiggly red line is right on point to correct me- CHEERS!)

For the longest time, I wondered why I spelt it as such. Then one day, it came to me. I listen to a band called Evanescence. Could that be the reason for my poor spelling of the word?

But now that I think about it, I can’t even use that as justification because Evanescence has scence and not sence as I say. Lol

The thing is, I really can spell. I’m not dyslexic or anything (no disrespect to those who are). Maybe I’m just rubbish at spelling basic words. Lol.

Anywhoo.. That’s all for today 🙂

Tomorrow shall be equally as ridiculous and just as funny if not more. Assuming you found this funny. It is funny..right? well I thought it was funny. I hope you at least found it silly and humorous. 

Stay tuned for day two! 🙂 


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