Happy Halloween?

So today is Halloween. The day people dress up and go to people’s houses and ask for candy and stuff. Is that what it’s become?

It is really something to “celebrate?” Does any one really celebrate the real reason behind it all? Do people know how it all came about? Or are we all more interested in the fun side of it? the dressing up, going out, having parties and eating creepy themed foods.

I personally don’t care much for it. I can’t remember the last time I was even remotely excited about it, maybe as a kid, not so much as I got older.

Anywhoo, I was uber bored and needed something do to to relive the building tension within myself. Still not feeling quite myself. Have you ever been in such a foul mood that any small thing can trigger an outburst? Yeah, that’s how I feel and have been feeling for about 2 weeks now.

Best go lay down or something

Bye for now

Stay safe.


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