Something’s Gotta Give

Seriously. What is going on? I have never been this bored or frustrated with my life (and life itself) as much as I have been recently.

I mean I’ve been feeling this way for a while now, but it’s like….since I’ve been back from trip last month; I have just been feeling all kinds of everything. Miserable, irritated, annoyed.

Seriously what the actual fcuk is going on with my life? I have been busting my ass for years trying to make things better but it seems the more I try, the further I seem to be from my goals.

It just really grates my cheese you know. I feel like I’m going to be stuck where I am for forever and not amount to anything. Gotta get out and move on with things but for some reason, I always seem to hit barriers.

I’m seriously thinking about giving up. What’s the point when you try so hard every time and you just keep getting screwed over every time.

I am a good person damnit. I always do the right thing and all that bla bla. Don’t I deserve a break? Too much to ask for?

Oh well. This year wasn’t all bad. I did achieve at least one thing that made me proud. I do still have some great people in my life, so can’t really complain too much.

The struggle is real and as much as I have really shitty days, I know that if I give up on everything, I’ll be even more disappointed in myself considering how far I’ve come. Gotta keep my spirits up and keep on fighting. Things will get better right? They just have to.

*Le sigh*


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