6th January

I watched a movie last night….well at 2.50am this morning, called “Goodbye Bafana”. It was a good movie but at the same time, I didn’t like it and wouldn’t watch it again. Parts of it were just too difficult to watch.

So after that movie was done, I didn’t sleep till about 6.30am. Decided to just stay in the living room and sleep on the sofa (because my room is freezing all the time. I can hardly sleep in there at times). Baaaad idea. I barely got an hours’ sleep before my Dad was up and about making noise. Turned on the light, turned the tv on real LOUD. I tried to sleep but nope. Put me in a right mood. At 7.30am. Ugh. I was not impressed.

So yeah, been awake since then. My Dad has been a right busy bee. He just can’t seem to sit still and just relax. Nooo. He must always be doing something.

Anywhoo. I do feel sleepy now and I do have the house to myself so I got some peace and quiet. Gonna nap for a few hours and then do homework. Yay (NOT!)

Well I had my nap. 2 hours or so. Felt like forever.  Now I’m going attempt to do homework.

Back tomorrow with more boring tales of my boring life.



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