7th January

Well sleep seems to be getting a little better. Had another chaotic day today. And by chaotic, I mean noisy. I swear the next person I move in with (if I don’t end up living alone) will be a nice quiet person. I really do need peace and quiet in my life. I can’t continue the way I am. I’m going to go mad. Soon as I can afford to move to an affordable area I’m sooooo gone.

Well nothing exciting happened today. Sat through a boring movie that my Dad was watching. Even he looked bored watching it, but still watched it all lol.

In other words…the new season of The Big Bang Theory starts next week. YAY!! And also next week is the start of AFCON (African Cup of Nations). Yayyy for soccer! 😀

Anywhooo, I better go make a start on my homework. Ugh. It sucks because it’s too easy and not challenging enough. Now I’m going to HAVE to take the next level in the course. I was hoping to not go into education this year (it would be the 3rd year in a row doing something educational. As much as it’s beneficial, it’s exhausting!)

See y’all tomorrow

Bai for now 🙂


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