15th January

Today is the day. It’s finally here. I’ve waited a really long time for it…


Yay! I just love that tv show. It’s just soo funny. Even after watching old episodes a gazillion times, I still laugh like a lunatic.

Onto other things. Isn’t it great when you just stop caring about things that don’t deserve your time and attention? I cannot tell you how good it feels. You stop caring, things get to you less, you feel happier because you’re not annoyed or angry so much at people who just irritate the life out of you.

If I knew it felt this great and free and liberating to not give a damn, I would have let shit go and be completely done with the toxic people in my life a long time ago. Stupid me I felt obligated to them.

Well no more. I’m not going to put up with rude, disrespectful behaviour from people. I’m taking the time to look after me and take care of my needs. I’m sorry if you don’t like the fact that I’ve changed and become a better person.

Hahaha! I’m not sorry.

You have no effect on me. Your words and actions can’t (and don’t) hurt me any more 🙂


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