26th February – This Wasn’t The Plan

Things were meant to get better, not feel like they’re getting worse. My life was meant to turn out differently. In a way it’s a lot better now than it was before but I dunno. Just seems like the plans and all the hopes and dreams I had are dwindling.

I don’t want to live like this. I want so much more for myself. My god, I’m 27 years old. I should have my shit together by now.

I just can’t seem to catch a break. No matter how hard I try.


6 thoughts on “26th February – This Wasn’t The Plan

  1. I had a theory that our life can’t be defined in a moment. I often hear people want to do something great, something that matters but in reality life doesn’t work like that. The sum of who we are is what we do with each experience whether good or bad. Sometimes you kind of just have to live life and it will come to you. I hear many say that you should think before you act and while that is a good concept for most situations it isn’t always desire driven. For example, you are at a table at a bar, you see someone you like and want to talk to. Most will sit there for hours on end trying to get the courage to do it, and in admist the chaotic thoughts it strays from pure desire to logical rationality. Will they like me, am I attractive enough, what if they don’t live here, what if they’re just interested in other activities etc. And with all that thinking you may loose your chance or you will convince yourself not to try. So more or less, think of something and do whatever it takes to get it. 😀

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