11th May – Grown Up(s)

So I took another stab at watching the movie “Grown Ups”.  It wasn’t such a lame movie as I first thought. It was ok, funny here and there you know.

Not sure what other movie I’ll watch to get my mind off things. I did watch “The Wedding Ringer” the other night. Soooooo funny! Gotta love Mr Kevin Hart. Oh well I’ll see what to watch mod depending. I do have a lot of tv series to catch up on. Recently found a site online where I can FINALLY carry on watching “Army Wives”.  I’ve loved that tv show since I started watching it years ago, but then I got up to the end of season 2 and couldn’t carry on because we moved and stuff and it doesn’t come on here in the UK. But I did buy the DVD online but it wouldn’t play due to some settings or other! probably because it came from the USA and I only had like 3 chances to get the settings right (both on pc and the DVD player) before it would be locked or whatever. Boy was I pissed. So I kinda forgot about it over the years until the other day I decided to take a chance and hey presto! Not just one season is on, but the COMPLETE season! Like 1 – 7 or 8 ) can’t remember how many seasons were made) Woohooo 😀

So yeah, looking forward to catching up on all of that. But for now, I’m very tired and still battling hay fever (yaaaaay).

Good night and stay safe 🙂


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