19th May – Say What Now?!

So today I was told yet again that my accent sounds like I’m from down south (of England). I was even once asked if I’m from London.

No no no no nooo. I have been living in Scotland for nearly 6 years and before that in Botswana. But to some people I have a somewhat English English accent? Eh? Longest I’ve ever lived or been in England was one month.  No way you can pick up an entirely new accent and dialogue in 31 days. Lol still amuses me.

And to top it off, I was told I look about 17 (I’m 27). Tsk tsk, trying to butter me up to enhance your pitch sale. Nice try lil lady but it’s not going to work. Yes I know I look way younger for my age, and I sound like a kid (look like one too because I’m short).

Still funny though how people get me all muddled up sometimes.

I also found out that the black rhino is no more? So sad that. Le sigh.


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