10th January – 10 Days Into January And….

Well the first 10 days of the new year haven’t exactly been thrilling. I started back again with my volunteering. I don’t mind it, but at times it can be exhausting. I am to a certain extent an introvert, and trying to keep up my social appearance can be exhausting at times, but I think I’m getting better at being outdoors and around people constantly.

It’s still a little hard to get into the swing of things, like getting up super early I might add. I am not a morning person. I struggle to sleep at night and therefore sleep better during the day, buuuut I can’t do that these days because I have to leave early in the morning to be on time and that means going to bed early, which again, is another struggle.

Sheryl Crow was wrong; the first WEEK BACK is the hardest, lol.

Anywhoo, what else happened this week? Hmm. Oh two people I know (that I went to school with) got engaged. Not to each other, to their respective partners. What’s going on?! Seems every 20 something year old is either getting married or already is. Ooft. Still nice though that people are in love and all that stuff 🙂

I got a bit emosh yesterday as I received something. I was just so overwhelmed because it was exactly what I needed to help alleviate some of my problems. It just means I have more of a fighting chance to get my life together and start living it before my time is up.

Thank you xxx

I think that’s all I got for this week. Think I will stick to a weekly entry. Means I can say a lot more than a few boring lines, lol.

Stay safe till next time 🙂



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