24th January – Relationships


Do you know what I love about relationships? When other people keep their opinions to themselves! Especially when it comes to mine.

I’ve been in a (long distance) relationship for two year now, (two years people!) and after all this time, I’m STILL getting asked all the same questions I got asked in the beginning.

Like seriously -_-

It drives me sooo mad and I get soo annoyed (but I don’t show it) when I get asked “so you still with your boyfriend? It must be hard dating long distance.” Blab la bla. *rolls eyes* It’s as though they’re secretly waiting and hoping for the day my relationship fails and I become single because “long distance relationships are dumb and will never work and are doomed to failure.”

“How can you have a relationship with someone you never see and are hardly ever with?” they say. My answer? The same way as “regular” couples do. Just because we’re not living in the same area (or even continent) doesn’t make our relationship any different to others. We still do the all the same things “normal” couple do together when we’re together. So…where is the issue?

What outsiders don’t seem to recognise is the incredible amount of effort and commitment we put into maintaining our relationship.

Is it hard dating long distance? Of course it is (at times)! You don’t think I’d love to spend every waking day with the person I love? Of course I would!

But I knew right from the get-go what I was getting myself into, because I’ve been through this before (and no I’m not a serial long distance dater, lol). We talked A LOT before we even got to the possibility of maybe starting up a relationship.

If you jump too quickly into a relationship, you’re gonna have a hard time. (I probably shouldn’t talk because I kinda did just that, buuut my relationship turned out great so it’s all good) But what I mean is you need to really think about everything before you decide to date long distance, as I did. I was very hesitant at first, but like I said, we talked things over (a few times) and as time went on, I felt more confident and started to like him more and more.

But at the end of the day, a relationship is exactly that. A relation between the people involved.

Has my relationship gotten easier to deal with in the course of 2 years? Yes and no. I still hate having to say bye to him and leaving him and not knowing for sure when the next time I’ll see him will be. That part always sucks and hurts. But I will say this, throughout the course of my relationship, it has grown and so have I along with it. I’ve learnt soo many things not only about myself, but also about him too.

I love him, I love us. I love our relationship and everything we’ve built together so far.

I may very well have found my person and you know what? I wouldn’t change him or our relationship for anything.

Except the distance. I’d definitely change that part. And I’m currently in the process of doing just that! 🙂



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