14th February – Ups & Downs

P.s I wrote this post a few days ago when I wasn’t in the greatest of moods. I don’t feel this way today, but since I don’t have anything else lined up to say, I’ll just say what I wrote a few days ago.

The past 2 weeks or so I’ve just felt ugh. I can almost feel myself sinking, or getting into that state of mind where I no longer feel to care (about anything) and I’m on the verge of giving up.

I thought I was doing really well, or at least doing alright. Haven’t really cried much, haven’t had an (anxiety) attack since last year. So I dunno what’s going on with me these days.


I have been feeling really tired and drained; maybe that’s why I feel like I have no willpower left in me.

As up and down as I have been lately, I know I can’t lie down and give in to defeat. Who knows how long it will take me to get back up again.

I’m closer today than I was yesterday to my goals and where I want (and need) to be.

I just need to find and keep holding onto that little bit of hope and strength to make it through my days.

Hormones can be a real b*itch sometimes.

Ugh -_-



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