1st June – If Marriage Isn’t The Goal, Then Why Are You In A Relationship?

If marriage isn’t the goal, then why are you in a relationship? What the actual fuck does that even mean? I came across this one day and I was instantly confused.

I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around this and I just cannot seem to get it. At all. Seriously though. What does it mean? Is this a religious thing? Is it an age or maturity thing?

I can’t believe something so simple is causing me so much confusion, lol

To me it sounds like people get into relationships purely for the sole purpose and intention of (or for) getting married.

But like…why? Do people seriously date people for the purpose of marrying them? I thought it went…you like someone, they like you back, you get together (either by dating or courting) and THEN, if things are going great, you can decide to take things that one step further. (Not that you have to. It’s perfectly OK to be with someone for a really long time and not marry them.  I promise).

But if you’re with someone for a good while and there’s no sign of marriage does that mean the relationship has been (or is) a total waste of time? Is there something so wrong about NOT marrying the person you’ve been with for a few years? Are relationships only about getting married?

If you’re going to be with someone or marry someone, or be with them for the long haul, always make sure you really know what that person is like BEFORE getting serious with them. It’s much harder to get out of a marriage than it is a relationship (Ok I know in some circumstances it can be difficult to get out of relationships too, but you know what I mean).

So what’s your take on the whole “If marriage isn’t the goal, then why are you in a relationship?” thing?


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