8th June – The Wait Is Finally Over!

Well not really, but I have been waiting a REALLY long time for this day and it’s finally here.

Yay travel day! 😀

Not looking forward to the long ass hours of traveling I have to do though (ugh) but it’s worth it for my destination.

I am soo nervous about this trip you have noo idea. I’m usually fine when it comes to travelling, but this time round I’m taking a different route and that has got me all kinds of nervous. Travelling at night is not enjoyable for me (because you know..anxiety) at all. I’m hoping I’ll at least be able to sleep for a few hours during the 8 hour trip (yeah, ugh) because after that, I have yet ANOTHER long ass journey to take till I arrive at my destination.

But I am soo soo sooo very excited at the same time. Nervous, but excited. Not really sure about what’s going to happen on this trip this time round, but I don’t really care. I’ll be spending some much needed quality time with my boy and that’s all that matters. What happens, happens and what doesn’t, doesn’t. I just hope it’s sunny for all of my stay, because everytime I go visit him; it decides to rain -_-

Anywhoo, I best “pen-off” for now. Got a few things to do before I leave in a few hours (yay!)

If I don’t post another blog within two weeks of this one..know I decided to fulfil my adult wish and run away and stay in some exotic island. Lol oh how I wish.

Take care till next time 🙂

Baaiiiiii *waves*


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