4th September – And Then The Phone Rang…

So the phone rang the other day. I didn’t answer it (because I’m a weirdo who doesn’t like answering or talking on the phone) as I didn’t recognise the number. So I just let it ring. It went to voicemail, but I couldn’t check my voicemail because no money on my phone so anyway, I decided to look up the number, and ohhhhhmygod, I knew who had called.

The call was regarding a job I had applied for a few days ago.

Panic started to set in. should I call back? Wait for them to call again? Wait till tomorrow to call or just not call again?

I decided to call back. I cannot even being to tell you the things I was feeling. So anyway, I called and had a chat and it turns out, I have been selected for an interview.


After I hung up, I literally felt sick and thought I was going to faint. What just happened?

I became overwhelmed with panic and anxiety. It took about two hours before I started to calm down (that low you feel after an attack is just awful. That disorientated, zombie-like feeling is horrible). I was beginning to feel like I couldn’t go through with it. I’ve been out the (employment) game for so long, I didn’t know if I’d be ready for it all. Especially since it wasn’t really something I thought I’d be/feel confident doing. I just went for it just because.

So yeah, after a REALLY long time, looks like I may get that break I’ve been needing.

I still feel like I’m going to bomb at my interview, because I’m soo out of practice and stuff, but nonetheless, I will give it my best shot and hope I don’t faint or make a total ass of myself.

Ugh I’m still so soo nervous :/


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