26th October – Dreams

 “You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.”

I guess I’ve always been a dreamer. Even as a kid I was a little bit of a dreamer. I once wanted to be a nurse, so I had painted a picture of a nurse. Not really sure if I wanted to be one, but I think we had to paint pictures of what we wanted to be when we grow up.

I remember in the 5th grade we had to do a project on something (again, not really sure of the exact details) and for some reason, I chose to do mine on the Seychelles Island, and ever since that day, I’ve wanted to go there. Haven’t been there yet, don’t think I’ll ever go, but it’s nice to fantasise about it all.

And as for writing…it’s only recently that I’ve decided I should give it a go.  I’m in no way nearly near enough to even call myself a writer; I’m more of a pretend one. I’ve always kinda been into writing. I had a diary, I wrote in my journal (as you do when you’re a kid or teenager) but it’s only been in the last few years I’ve really thought about a writing career. I can’t say it’s been a dream of mine, but I do like to think about what it would be like to be one. I’ve always had a desire to travel and see the world. The idea of being a travel write is just so…sounds like the perfect job for me. Even getting published in a magazine or newspaper or even an online publication would do me just fine.

But I don’t think any of the above will happen.  I honestly would really love to be some sort of a writer. I feel like writing is the only thing I’m good at. But I guess my problem is, I fall in love too easily and too fast with the idea of things.

Because I’m a dreamer.

I’ve had this dream of travelling anywhere and everywhere. I even at one time in my life wanted to go pack packing. And now I have this “dream” of being a writer.

I think it’s important to pursue something you enjoy and really love, and if you’re good at it, go for it. Disappointment is a difficult thing to deal with, but as with anything in life; it’s a risk you’re going to have to be willing to take.

Maybe one day I’ll write something that gets published. I don’t want to be famous or anything, I just want to write and share my stuff. But all that will come about once I actually learn a lot more about the writing world, and maybe discover a new favourite author or poet or literary person, because as of now, I don’t really have one. I see a book, I like it, it looks interesting, I buy it. I buy A LOT of books but never really get round to reading them. I also take agessssssssss to finish a book. I’m not a slow reader; I just like to take my time with things. Why rush a beautiful thing such as a story?

I don’t know if any of this makes any sense, but I hope a little of it does.

Anyway..it’s nice to dream about things sometimes.



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