For The First Time

So last night, well early this morning I should say (it was after midnight), I got to (FINALLY) see some shooting stars!

OHHHHHMYYYYYYGADDDD it was so amazing. I know to most people it isn’t anything worthy of mention, but I gotta tell you, as someone who’ into al that space stuff, it was pretty awesome to witness with my very own eyes.

I’ve always wanted to see at least one meteor shower in my life time, but haven’t been able to due to the weather or location where I was (light pollution and too concentrated). I have tried to watch online streams of them but I always either fall asleep (because of the time difference of when they start streaming) or get frustrated at not being able to see any.

They really are worth the watch. I only saw a few before heading back inside (it was chilly and I didn’t want to be outside on my own).

Anywhoo, I will definitely be more prepared for the next one.

Space is definitely ace! ^_^



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