It’s Been A Long, Long Time

Well hello there stranger!

So I’ve been meaning to write stuff on here for a while and I haven’t been doing so. Reason being is that I haven’t had the motivation nor the time.

Until now.

I’ll back track a little to let you know what’s been happening.

So after my last job ended about a year ago today, I thought I better take some time out to refocus and sort myself out, because let me tell last job…really killed me and broke me a little. And I thought that if I go straight back into work, I wouldn’t last long. I took October, November and spent all of December with my Dad back in Scotland and came back to England early January 2019.

Jan 2019 I was ready to get back into the work game. Skipping past all the boring stories, there was a job being advertised , I applied for it (with a little help from someone) passed the interview stage and then somehow actually managed to land the job!

I honestly don’t know how I did it, I was sooo nervous at my interview that I was I was sure that I messed it up and wouldn’t get the job. But yeah, I’ve been with the same company since Feb this year and I really love where I work and the people I work with too.

All this brings me to my next biggest achievement of the year so far…

I GOT MY OWN PLACE!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Yeah man, I managed to get my own place. Again with the help of an ex co-worker. To this day I am soo glad we had that conversation. Because of her I was able to do the thing I had been struggling to do since moving here 2 years ago.

As of the 26th April I have been living alone in my studio flat and you know’s been great!

I went from living temporarily with my boyfriend’s friends, to then moving in with boyfriend and his family (7 people including me in one house) for 2 years. After everything I knew it was time I found my own place.

Living with other people and living alone has made such a huge impact on who I am now.Before I’d come home from a shit day and at times would go home to even more shit (living with 6 other people isn’t always rosy). Now I go home and it’s just me.

And it’s quiet! Sooo quiet. Ok well it’s quiet INSIDE the apartment, but outside..not so much. The area where I live is very bustly (is that even a real word?). So get this, I live near the police station (yay for safety, nay for the constant sirens and flashing lights). I  am also surrounded by student accommodation (ugh for noisy, rowdy students) but the real cherry on the top to all this is, that under me (I’m on the 3rd floor of a 4 story building) is a shisha bar. So when I come home and open my window, all I get wafting through is all kinds of weird smoke flavours. It is not cool at times the smells that fill my apartment.

But I guess it’s alright living where I am. I’m by no means complaining about my current living situation. I got a good job, I’m able to pay my bills and whatever else I need catering for.

I did at one time think about moving out and into a bigger place, because right now it feels like I’m basically living in what feels like a self catering hotel room it’s that small. But it’s only me and I don’t really have much so it doesn’t matter.

Living alone has been very liberating I must say. I’ve always lived with family or other people and so living living alone and being alone and literally being the only person who has to do EVERYTHING hasn’t been scary at all. I’ve always been an independent who does everything on her own (I hate asking for help) and so I’ve never really been afraid to do things on my own.

I also don’t miss any of the “luxuries” that I had before. Like tv and internet. I always laugh when I tell people that I don’t have either of those. I didn’t realise that in 2019 we NEED those 2 things in our lives. No we don’t! I certainly don’t. One thing I’m never home because I’m always at work so why pay for tv if I’m not gonna watch it right, and internet, I get on my phone so I’m all good on that front.

It doesn’t matter. I am perfectly happy with living the minimalist life 🙂

So yeah, that’s basically what’s been happening over the past 9 months. I got a job I love and enjoy, and I got my own place to call home for now.

I do have more stuff to write about but I’m saving them for the next post. It’s all so very exciting!

I’m going to pen off for now, it’s been fun

Until next time 🙂









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