You used to make me smile.

You used to make me laugh.

You used to hold me in your arms and make me feel safe.

I used to see your face and watch your smile transform onto myface.

The touch of your face. The feel of your body against my own.

When I were in your arms, the only thing that mattered in theworld was us.

But we’re not one no longer.

I long to hold you and be held.

I long to feel and smile again.

I long to be the person I was when I was with u.

To love.

To feel love.

Be loved.

My heart aches for u.

But you tore it out and ripped it to pieces.

I can’t find a way to put it back together.

Not now.

Not ever.

I am broken.

Just like my heart…


12 thoughts on “Broken

      • You don’t need to be a pro, it has emotion and depth, and it’s relatable which surpasses the technicalities of writing.

      • I guess you’re right. I have been known to be sensitive and emotional when it comes to some writing topics. Some of my “best work” has been the through the cause of emotion.

  1. I can relate. Been there and don’t plan on ever being there again. Though we cannot foresee the future and we have no control over the choices someone else makes. We can control the choices we make. And I choose not to allow anybody to break me ever again.

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