Sitting. Waiting. Wondering.

That’s all she’s done all morning she had been awake.

Should she or shouldn’t she?

She didn’t have the courage to do or say it in person so she decided to write a letter.

As she left her room to get her bag, she held the envelope with trembling fingers, she wrestled with her conscious as what to do with it.

In the end, as she bit her lower lip gently, she decided to take the letter and stuffed it neatly inside her bag and headed off to work.

As she made her way, it started to drizzle slightly, but this did not bother her one bit, she simply smiled and strolled on.

A few seconds later, it started to really pour down. She clutched her bag and held it over her head and headed to the nearest shelter.

Suddenly it seemed to have stopped raining.

Puzzled she looked on ahead, it was still raining.

She now had that fluttery feeling all about her.

She looked to her side and her heart skipped a beat.

It was him.

They both smiled at each other and simultaneously said a shy, nervous “hello”.

As the rain continued to steadily pour, they continued to gaze into each others eyes.

For what seemed like an eternity (really it as only 5 minutes), they had a whole conversation without actually “having a conversation”.

His electric smile and cool calm eyes struck her heart deeply.

Seems she didn’t need the letter after all.

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